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  • Genetically you ARE what you eat

    We really may be what we eat! An international team of researchers concluded nearly all of our genes may be influenced by what we eat. They investigated metabolism in yeast cells -- which has similar qualities to humans, and is much easier to manipulate by changing a cell's  metabolism. They were able to see differences in nearly 90% of yeast genes and the molecules they produced. Study authors say a cell's genes were affected by changes to the nutrients available. The team beli...

  • Heart disease becoming more serious in women

    Even though heart disease kills more women than any other cause, studies show 4 out of 5 women still don't consider heart disease the most serious threat to their health. In an effort to change that, the American Heart Association published a scientific statement on heart attacks - written specifically for women. That's the first time it's ever happened. The document also points out that risk factors like diabetes and depression tend to impact women more seriously than men, and after ...

  • Doctors using "Cancer Goggles"

    A pair of glasses that can actually see cancer cells is helping doctors remove this tissue from patients more efficiently. Sandy Sagitto, an advid biker, was on vacation in Miami, Florida, when she found a lump in her right breast. A diagnosis of breast cancer crushed Sagitto and left her in denial. Sagitto says she has no family history and no risk factors. Fear gave way to hope when Sagitto learned her surgeon would be wearing special eye-wear during her operation. The superman gla...

  • Need to get in shape? Get a "Power Partner"

    It might be a good idea to plan a trip to the gym with your partner this weekend as part of your Valentine's Day festivities. Research has shown regular exercise with your significant other can actually help you burn more calories. Cleveland Clinic Physical Therapist Gary Calabrese says exercising with your partner can help overcome some obstacles that keep us from being active. He says when couples exercise together, both come away with a feeling of a shared experience and are more ...

  • Michigan teenager gets life-saving transplant from a place nobody suspected

    An Ann Arbor, Michigan, teenager in need of a life-saving transplant gets one from a place nobody suspected. Derek Gropp was born with several medical issues, including Kostmann's Syndrome -- which gives him no way of fighting infection and no future without a bone marrow transplant. His mom Lisa traveled the country in search of a cure. During that time an unexpected pregnancy brought younger brother Christopher into the picture, and while the parents were afraid Christopher would a...


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