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Hey, I'm Koz! Well, my REAL name is Garrett KOZden.... That's where the KOZ comes from! :) I'm brand new to the Michiana area...but I've lived all over the country. Originally from New Jersey...I've lived in San Diego, Portland OR, and Mount Pleasant, Michigan!

I was up in Mount Pleasant working for a radio station hosting the weekend show and I also worked for a mobile DJ company, which I still if you're getting married and need a DJ let me know! I'm addicted to sports- so being from New Jersey I'm a Devils, Jets, Yankees, and Nets fan. In my spare time you can catch me Uber driving here in South Bend or find me sitting on the lake sipping a beer (not both at the same time of course). I love to keep busy and I also relax by playing a game of darts at the bar while drinking a Bud Lite (insert sponsorship opportunity?) Actually...I love ALL kinds of beers.....Sam Adams Octoberfest, Yuengling, Bud Lite, IPA's, Corona's....are just some of my favorites!

Oh yes, and I love food too so feel free to tell me where all the best places in South Bend are to get food! Hope to meet ya!

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