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Lindsey Bauer

Hi! I'm Lindsey Bauer. Born and raised in Michigan City, Indiana but now call South Bend my home. I've awakened and entertained radio listeners for over 16 years. I've worked around the country including South Dakota, Minnesota and Oklahoma. I'm no stranger to U93 either. I was part of The U93 Morning Crew 11 years ago before running off to the south to start a family with my husband, Kevin. Together we have 3 sons. Marcus is our oldest, named after my dad whom I lost in 2008. We eventually tried for a little girl and God blessed us with twin boys, Leo and Eli who are 3 years old. I've heard that there is a special place in heaven for mothers of all boys and I believe it! Parenting is the hardest role in life but it's also the most rewarding!

Since moving back to Indiana we discovered a few changes around here, like the cost of child care for example. It's REALLY expensive and so my husband traded in his salesman suit and tie for an apron and diaper bag. I have the best stay-at-home husband in the world! My family and I love spending time outdoors on Lake Michigan or catching a fly ball at Four Winds Field. Go Cubs Go!

I try to be as adventurous as possible and will try almost anything at least once.

I love my family, career, reality TV on Bravo, and Botox! (There is no shame in my game).

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