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Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Lisa Blake packed her bags and headed out from the Mile High City to South Bend in January, 2017 for her new gig as On-Air Talent, Morning Show Producer and Digital Content Director (web chick) at U93.

Her Italian grandfather opened a spicy-meataball serving restaurant in Denver in 1951 and it's still in operation on iconic South Broadway. She's a fire sign Aries, which may explain why her happy place is inside bodies of water- she's a big bather....pools, lakes, oceans and tubs.

Lisa has spent a lot of time solo-traveling, and feels lucky to say she's road tripped to most major US cities. She also loves to talk about her time in Europe and Mexico, plus stints living in Jacksonville and Orlando.

She majored in Broadcasting and minored in Spanish, plus interned at Disney World where she drove a train past lions and rhinos in Animal Kingdom. Her greatest loves are summertime and animals, and says if she won the lottery she'd give her millions to them. Not to animal charities but directly to an animal. Just hand them cash.

She spends most of her money on essential oils and leggings, but likes to pretend budgeting is one of her hobbies. Her favorite movie is True Romance, but she could watch Drive on repeat. It's also important to note that her favorite holiday is her birthday and she loves weddings, calling them love parties with no cover.

Her favorite music is Tool and Katy Perry, plus 1st wave '80s music. Her favorite TV shows are female-driven comedies like 30 Rock and Parks and Rec, and loves watching improv.

In 2013, Lisa met the love of her life and they now live in South Bend with their two adopted cats. She considers them her three best friends. Lisa is also grateful every day for her many wonderful human friends and family in Indiana and Colorado whom she adores.

She spends her free time gaming, blogging, organizing, texting people back 3 days late, and wishing she was doing yoga, plus being a big advocate of non-profit volunteer work.

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