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Rob + Artimis :: Michiana's FUN way to wake up!

Meet "the team":

Name: Rob Sparks

Birthday: May 3rd

Hometown: Fayetteville, Arkansas (don't judge)

SHORT life story: Well I was working at the mall at "The Nut Hut" and decided sellin' nuts just wasn't where I wanted to be, so I Went to our local radio station and begged them for a job, when that didn't work.. I blackmailed the night guy into teaching me everything I needed to know... what? How did I blackmail him? I'm not telling, but I did.

First exciting radio gig? Hmm well mornings at U93 of course!

Guilty pleasure music? New Orelans Jazz

Secret passion: trying to be a comedian... I'm just too scared to stand up..haha

Secret fantasy? a reality tv show

Favorite food? Lasagna (but I have to make it soy cheese..)

Favorite city in the world? Any city with a beach and where my American money is worth more than their money... or San Diego

Favorite TV show? Only 1? Modern Family, Cougar Town, Playing House, Chrisley Knows Best, NCIS

Best movie you ever rented? Hangover... because I forgot to take it back to Redbox; it cost me $26

Best concert you've ever seen: ‘Nsync ( twice, I'm not ashamed)

Pets? yep.. Diggy my 7 toed cat! and my rescue cat (Aveda, yes I rescued her from a hair dresser)

Favorite ice cream? No Ice cream, I'm allergic to dairy... bad thangs happen when I eat dairy

Biggest pet peeve? People talking behind my back.

What would you do if you were mayor of South Bend for a day? Pardon myself for future endeavors.


Name: Artimis "The Next Best Thing To Ryan Seacrest Not Really"

Birthday: April 11th 1989

Hometown: Kalkaska, MI

SHORT life story: One day I was born and then I got really tall and never grew facial hair.

Just kidding. I was born in Detroit and spent most of my life in Northern Michigan. I moved down to South Bend last year to work on U93 and love it here!

I have a three year old son named Dylan who has a better vocabulary than I do and on in free time I like to eat and watch Netflix. The end.

First exciting radio gig? Working at a classic rock station in Northern Michigan was my first gig. It was very exciting because it was my FIRST RADIO GIG! The pay sucked but it was an amazing experience that taught me a lot.

Hobbies? Netflix...and more netflix.

I also love to travel and dibble dabble on the guitar.


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