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Can't Beat Christine


1. Opening a trash bag

2. A dog rubbing its nose against you

3. Ripping tape off of a box

4. Someone sniffling

5. Opening a bag of chips

6. Rubbing a file on the bottom of your foot

7. Ripping paper

8. Velcro

9. A tissue being pulled out of a box

10. A plastic rake against the ground

11. Saran Wrap

12. Wax strips being pulled off someone

13. Opening a pop

14. Blinds

15. A paper cutter

16. Peeling an orange

17. Opening a pack of oatmeal

18. Pulling plastic wrap

19. Spray bottle

20. Opening up a can of Pringles

21. A trash bag cinching up

22. Sandpaper

23. A straw broom across concrete

24. Cutting a head of lettuce

25. Opening up a newspaper 

26. A sneeze

27. Striking a match

28. Reynolds Wrap

29. A dog sneezing

30. Rubbing a file on your jeans

31. Scooping ice

32. Falling on a bean bag

33. Dog sniffing 

34. Sipping on coffee or hot soup

35. Opening up a ziploc bag 

36. Flipping through pages of a book

37. Automated air freshener

38. Grocery bag 

39. Breath spray

40. Ice skates on the ice

41. Letter opener 

42. Pulling a tab off a diaper

43. Raking leaves 

44. A notification

45. Pulling tape off a lint roller

46. Using a rolling pin to make graham cracker crumbs

47. Using a letter opener to open a piece of mail

48. A potato on a vegetable grater

49. Scooping coffee

50. A needle on a record

51. Sniffing nasal spray

52. Party blowers

53. Ripping a paper towel from a paper towel dispenser



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