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Today's Best Music

Vegas with Judge Judy




U93, Judge Judy and ABC57 want to send you to Las Vegas!


(and we’re not going to judge… but you can!)



Each weekday between 3pm & 4pm with Bayless, listen for the cue to play “Judge the Real Case"



We’ll give you three cases and you to tell us which one was the real Judge Judy case from the previous day’s episode of Judge Judy weekdays at 4 on ABC57




Get it right, and you’re qualified to go to VEGAS

 (where nobody judges :))



You’ll also win a U93/ABC57 Judge Judy prize pack for qualifying!




You’ve got until Friday the 24th to get qualified...





Make sure you’re watching Judge Judy

weekdays at 4 on ABC57




listening to Bayless Monday thru Friday after 3 


to win with ABC 57 and U93

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