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Who's In The Envelope?


Guess Who's in the Envelope weekday mornings at 7:40am & 8:40am thanks to Aegis Dental! 
We're starting off with $93! The best part? Each time someone guesses wrong, we add MORE money for every wrong guess given! 
We’ve placed the name of a famous person in an envelope in the studio – think you know who’s in the envelope? When you hear the cue to call, be the 9th caller at 574-289-9393 and you'll get to ask ONE yes/no question and then take ONE guess. 
Clues are given on THURSDAY mornings only at 7:40am and we DON'T repeat them so be sure to Listen Up! 
Check back here to keep track of all the WRONG guesses! 
Previous Celebrities:

MIKE MYERS guessed CORRECTLY this morning (10-10-17) by Angie in South Bend! She won $248.80! 


MILEY CYRUS guessed this afternoon (10-10-17) DeAnne from Elkhart won $220.90!!


SARA GILBERT guessed correctly (10-13-17) by Tonya from Elkhart who won $332.50!!


THE WEEKEND was in the ENVELOPE!!!! Lynn from SB won $323.50!!


MATTHEW BRODERICK was in the ENVELOPE!! Kim from Mishawaka won 323.20!! 


LISA KUDROW was in the envelope! Lori in Elkhart won $220.90!!!


JEFF PROBST was in the envelope! Stephanie at work won $304.60!!! 


GABBY DOUGLAS was in the envelope! Jill in Niles won $277!!! 


IAN ZIERING was in the envelope! Holly in Elkhart won $267!!!!


EDDIE MURPHY was in the envelope! Christy in Elkhart won $248!!!!


AVRIL LAVIGNE was in the envelope! Mike in New Carlisle won $396!!!!


ED O'NEILL was in the envelope! Sheila in New Paris won $276.70!!! 


JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT was in the envelope! Heather in Waraw won $278!!! 


Who's NOT in the envelope? Current WRONG guesses: 


1. WILLIAM H. MACY guessed by John in Mishawaka on 11/13

2. J-LO guessed by Amy in Elkhart on 11/13

3. LIAM PAYNE guessed by Lexi in South Bend on 11/14

4. MARK WHALBURG guessed by Amy in Elkhart on 11/14

5. BRAD PITT guessed by Pat in Elkhart on 11/15

6. MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY guessed by Jessica in Elkhart on 11/15

7. GERARD BUTLER guessed by Alicia in South Bend on 11/16

8. RYAN REYNOLDS guessed by Tracy in Elkhart on 11/16

9. JASON MOMOA (Aquaman) guessed by Kristi in Wakarusa on 11/17

10. CAM GIGANDET guessed by Tracy in Elkhart on 11/17 

11. PETER DINKLAGE guessed by Shari in Cassopolis on 11/20

12. ZAC EFRON guessed by John in Mishawaka on 11/20

13. CHARLIE GIBSON guessed by Pat in Elkhart on 11/21

14. JOHNNY DEPP guessed by Karen at work on 11/21


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