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Who's In The Envelope?


Guess Who's in the Envelope weekday mornings at 7:40am & 8:40am
We're starting off with $93! The best part? Each time someone guesses wrong, we add MORE money for every wrong guess given! 
We’ve placed the name of a famous person in an envelope in the studio – think you know who’s in the envelope? When you hear the cue to call, be the 9th caller at 574-289-9393 and you'll get to ask ONE yes/no question and then take ONE guess. 
Clues are given on THURSDAY mornings only at 7:40am and we DON'T repeat them so be sure to Listen Up! 
Check back here to keep track of all the WRONG guesses! 
Previous Celebrities:
Angus T. Jones was in the envelope! Theresa in Mishawaka won $113.00 on 12/1
Natasha Bedingfield was in the envelope! Sara in New Carlisle won $98.00 on 12/13

Norm Mcdonald was in the envelope! Janet in Elkhart won $130.00 on 1/5


John Cena was in the envelope! Shannon in South Bend won $103.00 on 1/17


Paris Hilton was in the envelope! Cassandra in Nappanee won $102.00 on 1/30


Ron Howard was in the envelope! Lori won $120.00 on her way to work this morning! 2/22


Wendy Williams was in the envelope! Congrats to Sharon in Goshen for winning $104.00! on 3/1


Sylvester, The Italian Stallion Stallone was in the envelope!  Becky in Granger won $101.00!!! 


Johnny Galecki was in the envelope! Linda in South Bend won $117.00!!! 


Taraji P Henson was in the envelope! Pat in Elkhart won $108.00!!!! 


Lucy Liu was in the envelope! Congratulations to Michele Linn in Elkhart! She won $159.00!!!


Shaq was in the envelope! Congrats to Terry in Eau Claire! She won $107.00!!!


Kobe Bryant was in the envelope! Congrats to John in Mishawaka, he won $103.00!!!


Cher was in the enveloope! Congratulations to Ryan in Plymouth! He won $100.00 on 5/10


Chrissy Teigen was in the envelope! Congrats to Erica in South Bend! She won $197.00!!! 


Who's NOT in the envelope? Current WRONG guesses:

1. DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON guessed by Amy in Elkhart on 5/21

2. JAMES CORDEN guessed by Jamie in South Bend on 5/21

3. JOE MONTEGNA guessed by Sherri in Cassopolis on 5/22

4. JOHN TRAVOLTA guessed by Mike in Plymouth on 5/22

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