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Who's In The Envelope?


We started with $93 on April 17th, and we're not stopping adding to the pot until someone guesses Who's In The Envelope!


Lindsey has placed the name of a famous person in an envelope in the studio - and she's not giving you ANY clues! Think YOU know who's in the envelope? Tune in to Listen Up with Lindsey every morning in the 7 and 8 o'clock hours for your cue to call. You'll only get ONE guess. Good luck!


1. PINK guessed by Jill in Niles on 4/17
2. MARK WAHLBERG by Jenny in Elkhart on 4/17
3. BLAKE LIVELY by Heather in Elkhart on 4/18
4. DONALD TRUMP by Liz in Mishawaka on 4/18
5. BRUCE WILLIS by Ryan in South Bend on 4/19
6. BRUNO MARS by Tina in South Bend on 4/19
7. JOHN CENA by Vicki in South Bend on 4/20
8. PETE BUTTIGIEG by Dan in La Porte on 4/20
9. LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA by Dustin in Mishawaka on 4/21
10. EMINEM by Madison in Elkhart on 4/21
11. KATIE HOLMES by Kristy in Elkhart in on 4/24
12. NATHAN LANE by Kerry in Mishawaka on 4/24
13. TIM CURRY by Jimmy in Elkhart on 4/25
14. VIN DIESEL by Andy in South Bend on 4/25
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Who's In The Envelope?

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