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Who's In The Envelope?


Who's In The Envelope is brought to you by Aegis Dental! Trusted Dentistry that is comprehensive, convenient, comfortable and affordable. 


We start with $93, and we don't stop adding money until you guess correctly! 

See contest rules.


Lindsey has placed the name of a famous person in an envelope in the studio - she's only giving ONE clue a week on Thursday mornings at 7:40! She's not allowed to repeat the clue, so be sure to Listen Up!  Think YOU know who's in the envelope?  Listen Up with Lindsey every morning at 7:40 and 8:40 for your cue to call. You'll only get ONE guess. Good luck!


Check back here daily to keep track of all the WRONG guesses! 


Previous celebrities in the envelope:


Vanna White 

Paul Rudd
Sigorney Weaver 
David Beckham
Nicole Kidman
Sammy Sosa 
Michael Bolton
1. BARACK OBAMA guessed by John in Mishawaka on 8/8
2. JENNIFER ANISTON guessed by Jimmy in Elkhart on 8/8
3. BRUNO MARS guessed by Shari in her car on 8/9
4. GOLDIE HAWN guessed by John in Mishawaka on 8/9
5. STEVE HARVEY guessed by Sherry in Elkhart on 8/10
6. CARRIE PREJEAN guessed by Betty in South Bend on 8/10
7. SANDRA BULLOCK guessed by Stephanie in Argos on 8/11
8. SHANTEL WEST guessed by Kristy in Elkhart on 8/11
9. HALLE BERRY guessed by Sharon in Goshen on 8/14
10. KATIE STAM guessed by Jimmy in Elkhart on 8/14
11. VANESSA WILLIAMS guessed by Amy in Elkhart on 8/15
12. LEE MARYWEATHER guessed by Carrie in Mishawaka on 8/15
13. SHANIA TWAIN guessed by Sandy in Three Rivers, MI on 8/16
14. PHYLLIS GEORGE guessed by Sherry in her office on 8/16