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Win Taylor Swift Tickets
Are you SWIFT enough to win Taylor Swift tickets?!
Monday March 26th thru Friday April 27th....U93 has YOUR chance to see Taylor Swift live! We'll be giving away tickets to her show! We’re playing 5 in  9 every weekday morning at 7:10am – caller number 9 gets a chance to play and gets you qualified to win for a pair of tickets every Friday !
Here's how 5 in  9 works: The  caller will be given a topic. Ex. Name 5 Taylor Swift Songs. If they can name 5 songs in 9 seconds are less, they are qualified for the tickets to Taylor Swift that will be given away that Friday Morning at around 7:30am.
If they caller cannot name 5 things within time limit caller #10 will have a chance with a new topic and so on! See contest rules.
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