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Robert Herjavec isn’t just helping businesses on Shark Tank he’s also saving families in real life. Robert was out riding his jet ski on a lake in Canada when he noticed a family on a boat waving their arms and yelling for help.  He immediately skied into action and went to them and ended up towing their boat back to shore.  Perfect timing because it was just starting to get dark!  Of course there is video of the whole thing and Robert shared it on Insta.




Jeopardy has final picked their permanent host and it is…. Mike Richards who has also been the executive producer for the past 36 years.  So he did guest host back in February and apparently it went well and he’s hosted games shows before.  So I guess he’s qualified I just wish it was somebody better ya know like LeVar Burton.



A teaser for Cobra Kai season 4 has been released.  Here it is...


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