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Just Jodee Archives for 2020-07

What's Trending?

FINALLY, Ellen is addressing the “toxic culture workplace” allegations surrounding her talk show.  She sent a letter to her crew and said that steps will be taken to correct the issues.  She says that because the show has grown so quickly she hasn’t been able stay on top of everything and therefore relied on other people to DO THEIR JOBS which clearly they did not.  She assured everyone that things will change and it will not happen again!




Drew Barrymore has a new talk show coming September 14th.  She promoting it by interviewing her 7-year-old self… they took old footage of young Drew on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson back in 1982 and combined it with Drew today asking the questions….how stinkin' cute is this?!




Tamar has released a statement after her recent suicide attempt.  Here's what she had to say...


WATCH: Harry Styles & Taylor Swift Together

Someone took Taylor Swift's new song Cardigan and mixed it together with Harry Styles' song Falling and it was meant to be!  How does this fit so perfectly together?!


The Perfect Chocolate Chip

A guy named Remy is an engineer for Tesla, but he also works as an engineer for Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco.  Remy has created what he says is THE perfect chocolate chip!  What makes it so perfect?  Well, using his industrial design and engineering knowledge he came up with a brand new shape that causes it to not only melt smoother, but taste better. 

The shape affects the flavor?!  It kinda looks like a pyramid, but they are saying it is definitely tastes better than a normal chocolate chip and it better be because a pound of them costs $30!!




If you’re planning to make brownies, cakes, or gigantic chocolate chip cookies any time soon, check out our just-released single-origin chocolate squares! Our unique version of chocolate chips, here at Dandelion Chocolate we fondly call them “facets” due to their stunning geometric design and multifaceted uses. Though meant for baking and confection making, you’ll probably want to nibble handfuls at a time. Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador is our first origin release and will be followed by more in weeks to come. Each square weighs a whopping 3.5 grams and is modeled after the hand-piped chips that our kitchen team made for years for all the cookies in our cafes. Perfect for baking projects as well as confections like truffles and chocolate-covered strawberries, these facets will keep your quarantining sweet and full of fun projects! Find these beauties in the baking section on our online store (link in bio!). #chocolatefacets #beantobeauties #itshiptobesquare

A post shared by Dandelion Chocolate (@dandelionchocolate) on



Rohr's is Back!

The newly re-imagined Rohr’s at Morris Inn opens on Monday July 27th!  I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek!



They even let me taste some food off their new menu…



Got a sneak peek at the newly re-imagined Rohr's Notre Dame.... WOW just wow!

Posted by Jodee Woods on Friday, July 24, 2020

Make sure to ask them about the knives in the photo!  If you order the Bone-in Prime Rib for 2 you get the keep the knives (check all rules & regulations on knives with Rohr's). 

See the full menu here and check out Rohr's on Facebook here

What's Trending?

Kanye's current episode is becoming so heartbreaking.  Kim Kardashian-West has finally spoken out about it.  Here's her full statement: 



One Direction posted to their Instagram yesterday, for the first time in 219 weeks. It's a teaser for some kind of 10th anniversary celebration that they're going to reveal TODAY.



Tomorrow! You and me got a whole lot of history #10YearsOf1D

A post shared by One Direction (@onedirection) on




Alfonso Ribeiro is not happy that they fired Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews from DWTS.  Alfonso won season 19!  He said that he didn’t think a change was needed on the show and went on to say that Tom & Erin were the backbone of the show and rather than fire them ABC should have just made a new show and cancelled the original before just chopping it all up.  He also said that he would have not have accepted the job if it had been offered to him.




Post Malone is working on a new album and he’s calling it “some of the best [music] I’ve made.”  He says that it’s a dark time in the world, but a blessing and a curse for a songwriter to be in the house all day.  He says, "in the darkest of times I’m just trying to make something beautiful out of it."




Jason Derulo is back with another TikTok dance song… it’s called Take You Dancing… of course there’s an official dance video plus he’s going to perform the song live tomorrow morning on Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series.

YOU Can Be Part of a World Wide Movie

The film directors who brought us Life in a Day 2010 are asking for your help again!  They are creating a crowd sourced video.  They want you to record what you do on July 25 and send it in.   Then your day could be included with a lot of other people's to make up the new Life in a Day film.  

Find all of the details here


WATCH: Ghost Caught on Baby Cam

A couple of parents have shared a chilling video from their baby monitor.  The baby is clearly sleeping soundly when something moves across the screen.  The craziest part is whatever it is appears to wake the baby up!  The parents claim to have 7 more videos that show similar things happening.  


Are You a Modern Man?

Times have changed!  According to a new poll, here are the top 10 traits that make you a “modern man.”  Meaning you are truly comfortable in staying up with the times and living in the current era we’re in.

  1. You do your fair share of the cleaning.
  2. You talk openly about your feelings.
  3. If your boss or manager was a woman, you'd be totally fine with it.
  4. You're okay discussing your mental health.
  5. You're a good listener.
  6. You're great with kids.
  7. You're openly affectionate.
  8. You'd be fine being a stay-at-home dad.
  9. You don't always feel the need to put on a brave face.
  10. You stand up against racism and prejudice.

See the full list here



WATCH: Woman Jumps in Alligator Pit to Retrieve Wallet

A woman was visiting a zoo in Brainerd, MN when her wallet somehow dropped into the alligator pit.  It gets crazier!  She went in after the wallet and her son followed her into the enclosure to help!!   Thank goodness that everyone got out unharmed, but the zoo is not happy about this.  They are in the process of identifying the woman and want to press charges against her for child endangerment.



Went to the zoo today and a woman dropped her wallet in the alligator enclosure. So she went INSIDE the enclosure to get...

Posted by Ashlynn Curtis on Saturday, July 18, 2020

Krispy Kreme Face Shield?

I'm always looking for a great excuse to eat some donuts!  Not only is it BOGO today at Krisy Kreme, but there is a video on how to make a face shield out of the box when you're done eating the donuts... why not? 



WATCH: Teaser Video of Muppets Now

A new show called Muppets Now is coming to Disney+ at the end of this month.  I am so excited for this!  Check out the teaser video Disney shared.



Tax Day = Free Stuff

Today is everyone's least favorite day... it's Tax Day!  How about catching a little break with some free stuff?! 

Here are some of the deals you can get in on:

  • 7-Eleven - Join their rewards program to cool off with a FREE medium Slurpee. 
  • Burger King: Free Whopper with purchase for new app users, free kids meals with any purchase of $1.00 or more and $1 any size soft drinks from 2-5 p.m.
  • Cicis Pizza -  Free cinnamon rolls when you order a large pizza using code 80037 at checkout.
  • Noodles & Company - Free small barbecue pork macaroni and cheese.
  • Olive Garden - Get a bottle of wine for $15.
  • Sonic - 1/2 price drinks and Slushies!

**Make sure you check with your local restaurant to verify all of the details regarding the special or if it is being offered.**

Find more deals here


Does Apple Owe You Some Money?

Does your iPhone get slower and slower the more you have it?  Well, Apple has admitted that back in 2017 they did that to you on purpose.  Intially they said it was to try and improve battery life, but it was actually to push you to upgrade your device.  Someone sued them and they won!  Now, Apple has to pay out $500 million.  That means you could get approx. $25 dollars if you owned a iPhone 6, 6 Plus, SE or iPhone 7 or 7 plus before December 2017.   Grab your phone’s serieal number and head to to claim your piece of the payout!

Read the full story here


Did Shia LaBeouf Get an Actual Chest Tattoo for a Movie Role?

Shia LaBeouf is getting ready for his latest movie role in a serious (permanent) way!  He is playing a guy named, Creeper, in a new movie called The Tax Collector.

Creeper is a heavily tatted up guy so Shia went all in!  He got a tattoo on his entire torso for the one time movie role, but that tattoo is 100% real!!  Although this may seem a little crazy at least he went back to the neighborhood he grew up  in to get the tat and show support to the community. 

Read the full story here



Tryin' the Viral Turtle Ice Cream

A couple of weeks ago the Dari Fair in Mishawaka shared a video of their Turtle Ice Cream cone on their social media.   Little did they know that it was about to blow up in a major way.  The video has so far been viewed more than 15 million times!!!! 


Try a turtle cone $3.99 ( only available in medium size) Med vanilla cone, caramel inside dipped in chocolate shell then pecans

Posted by Dari Fair on Wednesday, July 8, 2020


So... you know I couldn't miss out!  I had to make a trip to Dari Fair and I was NOT disappointed!   Love the owner, Dawn, she has such a fun personality and truly deserves the recognition she is receiving.  She has put so much hard work into the Dari Fair.  I can't wait to go back for more!!




What's Trending?

Ugh!  This may be the saddest thing I have ever heard!  Glee actress Naya Rivera is missing and authorities think she may have drowned.  Yesterday, she rented a boat to head out on a California lake.  Her 4-year-old son was found a few hours later floating alone in the boat.  He told police that is mom jumped in the water, but never came back.  Authorities sent out dive teams and helicopters, but had to call the search off when it got dark.  They will begin searching again this morning.



Courtroom sketches are the worst!  Who are these artists?  Are they required to draw these images in a certain style?  Johnny Depp is currently in the middle of a libel court case against a tabloid in London that called him a “wife-beater.”  Here's the courtroom sketch of Johnny:




Book #4 is on the way from Jimmy Fallon.  It's another kid's book called 5 More Sleeps ‘til Christmas!  On a side note, there are 169 more sleeps until Christmas!


Which Kardashian is it?

And now your latest installment of which Kardashian sister is it?   Seriously though, how does Khloe look so different is ALL of her photos?! 

Read more here



Tie Dye @talentless. I look so young in this photo ???? I love it! Lol maybe it’s the hoodie?!

A post shared by Khloe? (@khloekardashian) on



and remember when she looked like this?!



location: under bitches skiiiinnnnn ????

A post shared by Khloe? (@khloekardashian) on

Scary New Treats this Halloween

Too soon?  Hershey's just announced that they have some new candy coming this Halloween!  You better believe we will be loading up on all 4 of these.   There's a green Frankenstein Reese's Peanut Butter Cups where the bottom half of the peanut butter cup has been turned green (eeek)!  Also coming, are Vampire Kisses complete with a strawberry filling, Witch's Brew Kit Kats that taste like marshmallow (yum)!  The Fangs Cookies & Creme bars are the most fun though because you can bite around the fang outline and bam... new pair of fangs to rock! 

Side note... Are we even going to be trick-or-treating this year or no because of COVID-19?   

Read the full story here


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