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Brad King
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Just Jodee Archives for 2020-10

We're Doing it Wrong Wednesday - Halloween Edition

Halloween time means pumpkin carving and that equals a lot of stress!  It’s messy and then once they get carved how do you keep ‘em looking fresh?!  Ahhh!  There’s so much to worry about.  Here’s some pumpkin hacks for this week’s We’re Doing it Wrong Wednesday! 

-       Use an ice cream scoop to clean out all of the insides.

-       Cookies cutters make a great stencil!

-       Petroleum jelly can help keep the carved areas from shriveling up.


Get the full list of ideas here



WATCH: Kurt Russell is Back as Santa

He's back and I love it!  Kurt Russell is my 2nd favorite Santa right behind Tim Allen's version, but I absolutley LOVE Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Clause.  The Christmas Chronicles 2 is coming to Netflix on November 25th!  If you haven't watched the first one, you should.  It surprised me!  I thought it was going to be terrible, but it actually turned out to be pretty good!

Read more here


A Very Public Mess Up on the Job

A major ooops at the Indianapolis Library Services Center.  They painted a section on the groud that was supposed to say "Library Vehicles Only" except it actually says "Librarey Vehicles Only."  

They are going to fix the error and it will be spelled correctly very soon!


We're Doing it Wrong Wednesday: Brushing Our Teeth Wrong

Turns out we've been using wayyyyy too much toothpaste this whole time!    Obviously toothpaste companies want you to use more at a time because that means they sell more product, but this dentist says it's not good.  Dr. Gao says anyone over 3 should only be using a pea sized amount of toothpaste.  Anything more that that is just throwing your money away! 




Are you using the right amount of toothpaste? ##dentist ##dental ##dentistry ##tiktokguru ##youngcreators ##learnontiktok ##edutok ##teeth ##foryou

? Mad at Disney - salem ilese

Trick-or-Treat Virtually

The makers of M&M's, Snickers, Starburst, and other candy have launched a new app called, Treat Town.  The app allows you to still go trick-or-treating even if you don’t want to go house to house this year!  The app is available until Halloween and also gives you a chance to trick-or-treat at Disney’s Haunted Mansion and virtually visit M&M’s World in Times Square.  You can also set it up so that only your family & friends are able to visit your virtual door!  Here’s how it works…

Download the app, then decide if you want to be a candy giver or a trick-or-treater.  If you are giving candy you can buy virtual candy credits that you can give out if trick-or-treaters come to your virtual door.  The credits can then be exchanged for real candy either online or in stores; or you can pay it forward and donate it to the Boys & Girls Club of America as a cash donation.

More information here


WATCH: The Addams Family 2 Trailer

I know, I know!  I am about a year late to the party because I just watched the newest version of The Addams Family a couple of days ago.  It was pretty good, I liked it!  So you can bet I was super excited when I saw The Addams Family 2 is coming.  It's coming just in time for Halloween 2021 and they are giving you a chance to be in the movie!  

You can submit a 20 second short video or sound clip of yourself saying some character lines.  If they pick you as the winner you will get to be in the movie and win $2,000!  Pretty cool!    - Jodee

Check out the details here 


We're Doing it Wrong Wednesday

Turns out we've been watering plants all wrong!  I love this less-messy way of keeping our plants hydrated! 

Plus, I'm the worst at trying to keep plants alive so maybe this will help me out! 


WATCH: Semi Transports UFO

Finally a clear video of a UFO!  What do you think this is?  Also, you should never (and I mean NEVER) try to video and drive at the same time. 

Read more here


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