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Just Jodee Archives for 2020-11

LISTEN: Christmas Song for Dogs

A pet food company has created a Christmas song for dogs.  Check it out and see what you think! 


SCAM WARNING: Secret Sister Gift Exchange

The Better Business Bureau is warning people that the popular "secret sister" gift exchange is just a scam!  They call it a pyramid scheme in holiday wrapping.  The post asks family and friends of the poster to send gifts stating that you send 1 gift valued at at least $10 and could potentially receive 36 gifts in return.  However; that all depends on sharing with more people and hoping people actually follow through with sending gifts! 

Here's what the BBB says you should do when you see a social media post that promises gifts or cash: 

  • Ignore it
  • Report social media posts
  • Never give your personal information to strangers
  • Be wary of false claims

Read more information here


What Your Driving Style Says About YOU

This personality claims they can tell exactly how a person acts just based on how they hold the steering wheel when they drive.  Where do you fall?

  • Hands at 10 and 2 position - You play by the rules and may even be a little bit of a perfectionist.
  • Hands at 9 and 3 - You are an anxious person, but also very thorough.
  • Hands at 8 and 4 - You are confident and like to take charge! 
  • One hand on the bottom of the wheel - You're a minimalist who keeps things simple.
  • One hand near the top of the wheel - You're relaxed and like to project confidence.
  • Hold near the middle of the wheel - One-handed means you're a thrill-seeker who lives life to the fullest.  Two-handed means you're soft spoken and try to avoid conflict.
  • One hand ON the horn - You are ready to go, busy, and bossy! You're also reliable. 

Read the full story here


No Shave November

Do you celebrate no shave November? KFC is celebrating this year by debuting a clean shaven Colonel Sanders! He looks so different!



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