Just Jodee Archives for 2021-01

WATCH: Bear Chases Skier

A bear chased a skier down a mountain in Romania on Saturday.  The guy didn't even know until people on the chairlift shouted warnings.  The skier eventually threw his backpack to the ground, and that distracted the bear long enough for him to escape.



Good Vibes - Adopt a Michiana Senior

We’ve all bit hit hard by the pandemic, but one of the biggest communities hit has been seniors living in nursing home facilities.  Many of these people haven’t been able to see their families in almost a year.  That’s where Fun By The Yard comes in... they have started a program called Adopt a Senior.  The idea is to bring a little happiness to these seniors with a huggable balloon friend.  For every senior who is adopted, Fun By The Yard will match it to double the joy!  FBTY would love to be able to get every senior a hugable!! 

Adopt a Senior HERE




WATCH: Crazy Squirrel Terrorizes Neighborhood

There's a squirrel in New York that has gone a little nuts!  He's attacking people in the neighborhood.

Read the full story here




Photo by Kumar Munna from Pexels


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