Just Jodee Archives for 2021-02

Good Vibes - Shoe Drive to Benefit Local Dance Group

Positively Dance needs your help!  They are trying to raise funds for a dance trip to LA this summer.  All they need from you is your gently used or new shoes.  Donate the shoes this Saturday February 27th from 1pm-4pm.



Clean those closets!!! We are still collecting gently worn, new and used shoes at all 3 Green Dance Academy locations...

Posted by Positively Dance on Wednesday, February 24, 2021



Food News - Lucky Charms Ice Cream

It's my favorite cereal, so I definitely can't wait to try this!  



These Skittles are Going to take Easter Egg Hunts to a Whole New Level

"Impossible Egg Hunt" Skittles are coming and they're awesome!!  They're fun-size packages that are made to camouflage with grass, tree bark, asphalt, kitchen tile, and snow.   Easter Egg Hunts are next level... bring it on!!




A post shared by CandyHunting (@candyhunting)


Life Hack - Easy Way to Clear Ice

I do not recommend you try this!  I repeat, do not try this at home!  This seems risky.  Won't this cause your windshield to break? 



? YOU GOTTA GOOOOO - Rose Entertainer ????


Life Hack - Easy Dog Snow Removal

The latest life hack to go viral is an easy trick for getting snow off of your dog!





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