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DJ Sticky Boots
DJ Sticky Boots
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Gordo & Tara

"I grew up on 10 acres in rural Western Washington, in a house that ran off solar panels, had a wood stove for heat, and a composting toilet; it was always fun emptying that. I spent most of my twenties fighting forest fires, before I made the jump to radio professionally in 2015. I started my career producing a couple different morning shows in Seattle, made a stop in Fargo, before landing in South Bend. I am a huge sports fan, so you will definitely see me around town at South Bend Cubs games and various Notre Dame sporting events. I love to spend time outdoors hiking, backpacking, and camping. If I’m not catching the game, I’m probably out exploring Michiana."

Tara comes to us from Seattle, Washington! Originally from the tiny town of Roy, Tara’s nomadic lifestyle has allowed her to live in several cities along the west coast over the past decade - but she’s beyond excited for her greatest adventure yet - exploring the Midwest!

Tara is a self-proclaimed Gamer & Nerd. Her ideal Friday night involves controllers, from Xbox, to Nintendo 64, Wii, & Guitar Hero. Just be warned, she’s really competitive and has been known to throw things (at people) over Super Smash Bros.

She is an animal lover and spoils her two cats, Kiwi and Theo, rotten. They might have a stroller and array of fashionable accessories….

Tara is a food enthusiast and is currently perfecting her chili recipe with the goal of some day winning a chili competition. She’s currently in search of South Bend’s best breakfast spots, so slide into her DMs with those recommendations!

Being from the PNW, Tara is a baseball lover and Mariners fan:
“When I was a kid, I used to beg my Mom to let me get the Jay Buhner “Buzz” which was a fundraiser event where they would fully shave your head to look like Jay Buhner. All the cool kids were doing it, but she wouldn’t let me (rude). In retrospect, that might not have been the cutest look on me, so she may have been right that ONE time.”

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