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1. Pencil Sharpener

2. Sipping through a straw

3. Flipping pages 

4. Running fingers over a comb

5. Biting or eating celery

6. A plastic zip tie

7. Salt and pepper grinder

8. Flipping through sticky notes 

9. A spray bottle

10. Pulling paper out of a spiral notebook 

11. Blood pressure cuff 

12. Winding up a disposable camera

13. Making armpit noises with your hand

14. Filling your nails

15. Scratching your leg through jeggings

16. A deck of cards

17. The sound a zoodler makes 

18. Mechanical Wite-Out 

19. Running fingers through a deck of cards

20. Flicking the spiral on a spiral notebook

21. Winding up a toy/ wind-up toy

22. Flicking a lighter or running your thumb over a lighter

23. Raking leaves





1. Bag of chips

2. Pouring rice onto a table

3. Crumbs in a pringles container

4. Shuffling a deck of cards

5. Tearing a piece of paper

6. Blinds you pull up and down

7. Stomping through leaves

8. Velcro

9. Spilling a box of paper clips

10. Ice cracking in an ice tray

11. Someone sniffing 

12. Crunching of potato chips

13. Rubbing your hands over a hair brush

14.Someone chewing

15. Slinky

16. Husking corn

17. Dumping candy on a counter

18. Opening up a folding fan

19. Opening a bag of cookies

20. Breaking spaghetti noodles

21. Bucket of water hitting the ground

22. Coins being spilled out on the counter

23. Punching aluminum foil 

24. Crunching crackers 

25. Shaking a box of Tic-Tacs

26. Crunching an empty water bottle

27. Breaking celary

28. Blowing paper off a straw

29. Flipping a magazine page

30. Stepping on a pinecone

31. Opening a trash bag

32. A spray bottle

33. Biting into an apple

34. When you empty the trash bin on your computer

35. Opening or closing a blind

36. Thumbing through pages of a book

37. Shaking an Etch-A-Sketch

38. Shaking or moving a box of push pins

39. Chains hitting the ground

40. Peeling an orange

41. Striking a match

42. A pin art toy 

43. Shaking a box of spaghetti

44. Breaking a piece of lettuce

45. Party blowouts

46. Opening yogurt

47. Crumpling a piece of paper

48. Pulling tape off a roll

49. Nail file

50. Shaking coins in a cup

51. Shaking a bottle of aspirin 





1. Stapler

2. A file cabinet

3. A cassette tape going into a cassette tape player

4. Closing and locking a door

5. Three hole punch

6. Putting a VHS in a VHS player

7. Punching in or out of a time clock 

8. Buckling or unbuckling a seatbelt

9. Opening a door with the long handle across, like in a gym

10. Paper cutter

11. Something being dispensed out of a vending machine

12. The drawer on the bottom of a big commercial printer

13. A gumball machine

14. Running your hand along a radiator 

15. A jukebox

16. Making a copy on a copy machine

17. A skee-ball machine




1. Pages of a book

2. Deck of cards

3. Shuffling Kraft Singles together

4. Opening up a briefcase 

5. Crunching celery 

6. Flapping of a butt cheek

7. A potato chip

8. Flipping through papers like in a notebook

9. Biting an apple

10. A typewriter 

11. An umbrella

12. A stapler

13. A Whoopie Cushion

14. A camera shutter 

15. Dispensing water out of a water cooler

16. A phone book

17. When you turn an iPhone off

18. Breaking spaghetti

19. Pulling back teeth on a comb

20. 3-hole punch

21. Automatic calculator

22. Ticket counter from Chuck E. Cheeses

23. Pack of sticky notes

24. Cracking your knuckles

25. Flipping through a magazine

26. Blinds 

27. Opening a plastic bag/snack bag/ chip bag

28. Salt and pepper grinder

29. Opening and envelope

30. Change dispenser

31. A rubberband moving on paper 

32. Flipping through money

33. Biting into a pickle

34. Scissors cutting through paper

35. Cutting lettuce 

36. A giraffe eating a leaf

37. A magnetic car door lock

38. Opening a nut

39. Putting on a medical glove

40. A hand fan opening

41. Biting into a carrot

42. Doorjamb (a spring one)

43. A library stamp

44. Opening a plastic water bottle lid

45. Dropping the mic

46. Dominos falling

47. A lid going on or off tupperware 

48. Cutting an onion

49. A rolodex

50. Closing a pizza box

51. Cracking a glow stick 

52. Opening a single string cheese

53. Opening a popsocket

54. Screen door 

55.Pulling off duct tape

56. Cutting watermelon


57. Removing a staple from paper

58. Letting air out of a balloon

59. Clicking keys on a keyboard

60. Crushing or inflating a water bottle

61. Dispensing soap from a soap dispenser 

62. Breaking wooden sticks

63. A sprinkler

64. Opening or closing a suitcase

65. crumpling paper

66. Stacking poker chips

67. Crushing a can

68. A tape measure

69. Opening a pop can

70. Opening a bag of grapes

71. Biting into a taco

72. Automatic Air Freshener 

73. Striking a match




1. Hammering a tent stake

2. Clicky pen

3. A fork 

4. Cracking an egg

5. Tapping a stapler

6. Using a shovel

7. Opening and closing a straightener or curling iron

8. A tape recorder

9. 3 hole punch

10. Hitting keys on a manual typewriter

11. Three ring binder clipping open

12. Flicking a lighter

13. Staple remover

14. Chain light




1. Shutting a door

2. A tennis ball

3. Tapping on a microphone 

4. A drum




1. Bottle game with dome over and dice in the middle that you press down

2. Stick finger in Silly Putty

3. Dropping money into piggy bank

4. Garbage disposal

5. Dumping Ice in a cup

6. Flexible door stop

7. Alphabet popable game



ANSWER: Mechanical White-Out 

1. Cracking open a nut

2. Pencil Sharpener

3. A pen from the bank with a chain on it

4. Finger nails

5. Rubbing your nail on styrofoam

6. Rubbing your nail down a comb

7. Rolling a hard candy around in your mouth

8. Opening up a fruit cup or yogurt

9. A pepper grinder

10. Flipping through the corner of post-it notes

11. Biting into a carrot

12. Shuffling cards

13. Biting a chip

14. Knuckles cracking

15. The little scrollie guy on the mouse

16. Bending a plastic straw

17. Eating celery

18. Ripping paper out of a notebook 



1. Shuffling cards

2. Crushing a water bottle

3. Cracking your knuckles 

4. Opening a bag of chips

5. Flipping pages in a book

6. A flip book



ANSWER: A flash drive

1. A needle being set on a record

2. Pressing buttons on a cassette player or opening and closing it

3. Shuffling or dealing cards

4. Popping a gum bubble

5. Flipping pages through a book

6. Opening up a pringles can

7. A tupperware lid

8. Moving a microphone in the studio

9. Patting your leg

10. Opening a can of pop

11. Opening up yogurt

12. Hitting a golf ball

13. Putting an Otterbox on your phone

14. Taking a paper clip off a stack of papers and back into its box

15. Self-Inking Signature Stamp

16. Golf ball going into the hole

17. Locking or unlocking a padlock

18. Playing connect four

19. Jukebox

20. Pulling a tab on a can

21. Putting a cassette into a cassette player

22. Pointy can openers that you open a can with

23. Opening up a car door

24. K-cup going into a Keurig

25. Putting on or taking off your seatbelt

26. Basketball slingshot // Fingers Basketball Game

27. Racketball

28 .Changing batteries 

29. Opening and closing a 3-ring binder 

30. Opening up peanut butter

31. Clicking of the top of a pen

32. A stapler

33. Opening up a can of soup

34. Opening or shutting a briefcase 

35. A water bottle crunching 

36. Popamatic, the bubble in Trouble that rolls the dice 

37. Opening a lunchable

38. A 3-hole punch

39. A PopSocket

40. A VHS Tape being ejected from a VHS player

41. Shift lever in your car

42. Self-inking stamp

43. Resetting a pinball machine

44. Handle on a dresser

45. A View Master

46. Adjusting the mic in studio

47. Taking the cap off then putting it back on lipstick 

48. A staple remover removing staples 

49. A deck of cards

50. A Rubik's Cube

51. Taking a picture with a camera




1. Opening a jack in a box

2. Opening a "to go" cup

3. Vending machine dispensing a can

4. A frisbee dropping

5. Breaking a kit kat bar

6. Throwing something into the trash

7. Dropping a cup on the table

8. Opening up a can of Pringles

9. Hitting a speed bag

10. A stapler

11. A door stop

12. Opening a trash can by stepping on the lever

13. A jump rope

14. Pulling a cup out of a dispenser 

15. A bobblehead 

16. Putting ice in a cup

17. The Staples "easy" button

18. Shaking dice in a cup

19. Plunging a toilet

20. Cup stacking 



ANSWER: Opening string cheese

1. Breaking an egg

2. Sliding a water bottle

3. Stapler

4. Shaking a water bottle

5. Crushing a water bottle

6. Scribbling

7. Scratching something plastic 

8. Retracting a tape measure

9. Paper Cutter

10. Ruffling through sticky notes

11. Opening a can of soda

12. A needle on a record player

13. Pulling a piece of scotch tape

14. Shaking pens and pencils in a cup holder

15. Casting a fishing line

16. Splashing water in a tub

17. Retractable Dog Leash

18. Squirting crytal light into a bottle

19. "Electric" stapler 

20. Shaking paper clips in a container

21. Playing with a yo-yo

22. Typewriter

23. Scissors



ANSWER: Opening up a DVD case


HINT #1 : It is me opening something up...and it is NOT a door

1. Bouncing a tennis ball

2. Dropping a mic

3. A stamp used at a library to check out books

4. A nail gun

5. Camera shutter

6. Unbuttoning a snap button

7. Popping a seal on a pill bottle 

8. A pen clicking

9. Basketball bouncing

10. Popsocket 

11. Popamatic, the bubble in Trouble that rolls the dice 

12. A shoe

13. Punching a stapler

14. Tapping a mic

15. Opening up or closing a briefcase

16. A clap

17. Closing a door

18. Tap dancing

19. An umbrella 

20. Tennis racket hitting a ball

21. Flopping down on your couch

22. Cell phone hanging up

23. Closing the refrigerator

24. Catching a baseball

25. Tapping a pencil

26. TV powering off

27. A car door locking

28. A three hole punch

29. A diving board

30. Cracking my knuckles

31. Closing your glovebox in your car

32. Time clock, punching in and out for work

33. Unplugging an aux cord

34. dropping a pen on a piece of paper

35. stomping on the ground

36. closing a medicine cabinet

37. Closing a hardcover book

38. Unbuttoning a winter jacket

39. Opening up a tube of raw biscuits, the tube that pops when you peel it

40. Opening a pickle jar

41. Sliding open a window

42. Opening a padlock

43. Opening up a soda

44. Opening up a binder

45. Opening up tupperware

46. Opening a guitar case

47. Opening a refrigerator

48. Opening up a glasses case

49. Opening up a tote

50. Opening up a can of Pringles

51. Opening a coffee container 

52. Opening up an altoids  tin

53. Opening up a plastic bottle for the first time




ANSWER: Pulling the strings on a drawstring bag so you can close it


HINT: I would say, kids use this more than adults. In fact, your kid probably has one of these!

HINT #2: This is not something you play with


1. Opening a trash bag

2. A dog rubbing its nose against you

3. Ripping tape off of a box

4. Someone sniffling

5. Opening a bag of chips

6. Rubbing a file on the bottom of your foot

7. Ripping paper

8. Velcro

9. A tissue being pulled out of a box

10. A plastic rake against the ground

11. Saran Wrap

12. Wax strips being pulled off someone

13. Opening a pop

14. Blinds

15. A paper cutter

16. Peeling an orange

17. Opening a pack of oatmeal

18. Pulling plastic wrap

19. Spray bottle

20. Opening up a can of Pringles

21. A trash bag cinching up

22. Sandpaper

23. A straw broom across concrete

24. Cutting a head of lettuce

25. Opening up a newspaper 

26. A sneeze

27. Striking a match

28. Reynolds Wrap

29. A dog sneezing

30. Rubbing a file on your jeans

31. Scooping ice

32. Falling on a bean bag

33. Dog sniffing 

34. Sipping on coffee or hot soup

35. Opening up a ziploc bag 

36. Flipping through pages of a book

37. Automated air freshener

38. Grocery bag 

39. Breath spray

40. Ice skates on the ice

41. Letter opener 

42. Pulling a tab off a diaper

43. Raking leaves 

44. A notification

45. Pulling tape off a lint roller

46. Using a rolling pin to make graham cracker crumbs

47. Using a letter opener to open a piece of mail

48. A potato on a vegetable grater

49. Scooping coffee

50. A needle on a record

51. Sniffing nasal spray

52. Party blowers

53. Ripping a paper towel from a paper towel dispenser

54. Pouring rice

55. Peeling a post-it note

56. Rubbing your hand over plastic

57. A lighter

58. Firework

59. Zipper

60. Trash bag being picked up off the floor

61. Fingernails on styrofoam

62. Automatic soap dispenser

63. Typewriter

64. A kite 

65. Kinetic Sand

66. Toy car

67. Etch-A-Sketch

68. Slinky

69. Fidget Spinner

70. Measuring Tape

71. Trampoline

72. Umbrella opening

73. Snow skiing

74. Tearing a page out of a coloring book

75. Sticking your finger in slime


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