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Hailing from Milford, Michigan, Big Perm says his night show here at U93 has been a dream come true. Voted most upbeat and positive by U93 staff, Perm loves electronic music and is the BIGGEST boy band fan you’ll ever encounter. Always the class clown- he’s rarely the type of guy to turn down a dare.

OK, so maybe it’s a little strange, but he collects cologne (and that means he always smells on point). Perm also collects sports memorabilia and stays true to his roots by cheering for the Michigan Wolverines, Detroit Tigers, Lions and Red Wings. When he’s not lighting up the airwaves at night on U93, you can catch him watching Sportscenter, Family Guy or Modern Family on TV plus going to the movies. He’ll never turn down a chance to watch any of the Batman or Fast & Furious flicks.

His guilty pleasure music is boy bands - Backstreet Boys, NSYNC… you name it! Along with his colorful musical preferences, he’s got a heart of gold. Perm’s secret passion? Helping people who are struggling. He empathizes with people down on their luck: Once experiencing a hardship and having no one to turn to himself, he vowed to be a person for others to turn to so that they never felt the way he did. He has a soft spot for people in need and tries to help in any way he can.

We all have secret fantasies, and Perm’s is to be a super famous celebrity. (Think crowds of people wanting his picture, asking for an autograph, and screaming his name.) No one who has ever met Perm would be the least bit surprised at this reality. He’s looking toward the future and hoping to get a dog someday – but his favorite animal will always be alligators and crocodiles. He’d love to own one someday, but will keep his fingers crossed they don’t turn him into lunch.

Books? Nah, Perm says he’d rather sit down with a good girly mag like Cosmo. Oh, and if you ever hear the phrases "Right on." "Sweet." "Man." Bro." being repeated, know Perm’s surely just around the corner. Another tell-tale sign is a trail of Monster Zero Energy Drinks cans, he’s a reformed Pop-a-holic who sticks to those or water only! Kudos for that one, Big Perm!

He’s a sharp dressed man and would take a shopping spree at Express if he had to choose. That or a pet store- he says he’d take them all home with him if he could and share his favorite Moose Tracks ice cream with them (Dawwww Perm! You had us at Express!)
Another reason to love the guy?

When we asked Perm what he’d do if he was mayor of South Bend for a day, he said he’d throw the “BIGGEST Summer Party EVER!”.He’d invite every single person in the city, make sure there was no cover, have U93 as the DJ, and then MC the event himself. He’s really thought this one through – He’d have it catered, with games for kids AND adults, including a zip line.

…You’ve surely got our vote, Big Perm!

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