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Community Cares

Lost House In Fire

First Name - Ashley
Last Name - Lese
Email Address -
Phone - 5743494284
Community Request - My aunt and her family have lost their house and all their belongings to a fire last week. She is married with three children under the age of twelve and they have nothing. They are currently staying in a hotel in town , but that can get pricy quickly. I am asking the members of my community to please help my aunt and her family during this difficult time. Thank you


First Name - James
Last Name - Lloyd
Email Address -
Phone - 5743704816
Community Request - I started a GoFundMe campaign almost 3 months ago to pay for my Fiancee's vacation nightmare. Please check my GoFundMe campaign. If you can help us we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. James This campaign has been active for 3 months with no contributions. Please take a look at it for yourselves

Family's House Burned Down

First Name - Madison
Last Name - Wrisley
Email Address -
Phone - 5743618311
Community Request - One of my co workers had her house burn down and lost everything. Her 7 year old daughter is devastated and they some financial help getting past this as their insurance isn't nearly enough. Gwen is the most generous person I know. She's brought me food to work when I didn't have any. She's brought me gifts just because she felt like it. She doesn't deserve this kind of hardship. Although her GoFundMe only asks for $1000 she's in need of much more and could use any help.

Mother of 2 Suffering From Lyme Disease Needs Help

First Name - Sarah
Last Name - Ressler
Email Address -
Phone - 5743298734
Community Request - Hello. My family is in need of some help. My gofundme page is I am a mother of two young children and have been suffering from chronic Lyme disease for 7 years now. The treatments are not covered under insurance and are extremely expensive. I had to go down to working part time because I could not function at my full time job anymore and now the loss of income has added even more stress to our family the past several months. I am Christian and have faith that God will find a way to meet our needs. I try to give back to others. I have been a social worker for years and recently started doing behavior therapy for people with special needs. Anything will help, really! Thank you so much.

New Playground Equipment

First Name - MARIE
Last Name - MILLER
Phone - 2602370288
Community Request - New playground equipment for the bell head start in Niles! The school only gets so much funding.That funding has go be split up to distribute through every center in the tri county area. These kids are playing on hand me down old sun washed equipment. It breaks my heart because there equipment is probably appropriate for kids under 3. As you know most preschools consist of 3, 4 or 5 year old children. We are a government funded preschool offering learning to any low income family in the tri county area. I wish I had the money to purchase new equipment for the kids. These teachers work so hard and everyone else involved in making this place a success! I would love to see the kids faces light up when play time outside becomes exciting again! They deserve it! 

Volunteers Needed

First Name - Christin
Last Name - Kloski
Email Address -
Phone - 5743398252
Community Request - *Volunteers Needed* My name is Christin Kloski ,I am an organizer for West Side Wednesday. West Side Wednesday started in 2015 as a monthly lunch group and has grown into a popular community meetup. The group averages 45 people per monthly lunch outing. The group continues to increase every month, while focusing on trying new locations when possible to show the diverse collection of dining options the west side has to offer. With its increasing popularity, West Side Wednesday decided it was time to produce a festival celebrating the reason behind their mission - in a big way. In the summer of 2016, the west side of South Bend unexpectedly witnessed over 1,000 community members celebrating everything the neighborhood had to offer. This year, we will be featured in South Bend's Best. Week. Ever. as a signature event. We will be hosting "Best. Wednesday. Ever" on May 31st from 4-8 pm. With so many fun things and great activities, we are looking for volunteers to help the day run smoothly. We have also added a link for the volunteer form: Thank you and have a great evening, 


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