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1/20/20 - Raleigh


Raleigh is an adorable bully mix looking for her furever home! This sweet girl came in as a stray and sadly nobody came looking for her. She loves giving kisses and wants to be everyone's friend! She is a great mixture of playful and affectionate. She loves running and walking outside, and is a total cuddlebug inside. Raleigh would really benefit from obedience training so she can be the perfect member of her new family.

1/6/20 - Michael

Michael is an adorable 4 year old bully mix with a heart of gold! This cutie pie is a bit shy when he first meets people, but he warms up very quickly. He loves to give his friends slobbery kisses and Michael knows "sit" for tasty treats. They are working with him on not jumping quite so much. Due to this, they would prefer he go to a home with no children under 6 unless with an experienced large breed dog owner. Michael would feel SO bad if he accidentally knocked someone down!


12/30/19 - Henry

Henry is a darling 8 year old bully mix who came in as a stray and sadly was not reclaimed by his previous owners. He may have some gray in his face now, but he is extremely playful and loves getting exercise. He LOVES people and is a very affectionate, sweet dog.

12/23/19 - Paul

Paul is a very sweet 5 year old stray beagle looking for his furever home. He has a lot of energy and LOVES tennis balls. His perfect home would have a yard he can run around and bark at squirrels in. Paul would prefer a home with no young children, and to be fed separately from any other pets, since he REALLY likes his food and doesn't want to share with anyone.

12/16/19 - Abby & Hunter

Abby (brown 2 year old female) and Hunter (black 3 year old male) are a pair of very sweet bonded chihuahuas looking for their furever home! 

These two sweeties really depend on each other (Abby follows Hunter EVERYWHERE he goes!). They're playful, but what they really love most is cuddling up in your lap and giving you kisses. We were told by their former owners that they are both housebroken. They previously lived with children, and as long as the kids are calm and respectful, we were told they do well with them.

12/9/19 - Ellis Grey

Ellis Grey is one of the sweetest cats you’ll meet. She purrs almost all the time and has the most endearing gruff meow! She was a wonderful mother to her 5 kittens, and was so patient with them and their antics. With that patience, she could make a great pet for a home with children! She loves chasing after wand toys and balls, and she does a great job using her scratcher. Pictured is Ellis cuddling with her daughter, Meredith Grey.


12/2/19 - Odin

Odin is a 2 year old Pitt Bull Terrier mix who embraces his inner puppy. His love of life (and toys) is joyfully expressed with excited enthusiasm. He has lived with and loves cats. He has done well with female dogs, but would require a meet and greet prior to adoption if there are other dogs in the home. Odin's energetic personality is best suited to a family with children 12+ years old who can welcome his vivacious love of life!

11/25/19 - Mimzy

Mimzy currently lives at the St. Joseph County Humane Society. She is a cuddly and sweet bully breed mix who would love to be your new best friend. This cutie pie is playful, but what she loves most in the world is snuggling up to you and giving lots of kisses! She is definitely a lapdog. Mimzy will be the perfect companion to watch lots of holiday movies with and help you bake human and puppy cookies.

11/4/19 - PeeWee Herman

PeeWee Herman - Terrier Mix - 2 years old.
Sweet and playful. Loves squeaky toys!
Does well with most other dogs. Must feed separately.
Needs a home with no small children. 13+ only



10/28/19 - Sassy

Sassy is an adorable 3 year old labrador/shepherd mix looking for her perfect family! She was sadly surrendered to the shelter because her previous family could no longer care for her. We were told that she is both housebroken and crate trained. She previously lived with children, dogs, and cats, and we were told she did well with them all. She does not like kittens, ducks, or chickens. Sassy can easily jump a 4 foot fence, so she will need to go to a home with a 6 foot privacy fence to make sure she stays safe and in her yard. Sassy is very sweet, playful, and gentle. She knows "sit" and she gives hugs when you ask her to! It's too cute!  

10/14/19-10/21/19 - Juneau & Buddy

Juneau is a quiet 8 year old Chow Chow looking for a quiet furever home.This sweet girl came in as a stray with another dog, and has done well around most dogs at the shelter. Like most Chow's, she's very independent, but loyal to those she knows and loves. She would love to find a calm home where she can get all the love and comfort she deserves. The shelter believes she is at least partially deaf. Juneau would prefer a home with no children, but older teenagers should be fine. Just for your information; a mass on Juneau was tested and diagnosed as a lipoma. A lipoma is a benign (not cancerous) fatty tumor.


This is Buddy, he is about 3 years old, neutered, and he thinks that going for a walk is the best thing ever! Buddy has pretty long legs and is an awesome jogging partner! His tail doesn't stop wagging, can be pretty goofy, and he likes to give kisses! Buddy does pretty well with house training and doesn't really cause many issues when left alone. Every now and then he likes to chew, but if you give him a bone or something that seems to help! Buddy has lived with kiddos in the past but prefers them to be 12+. Buddy does ok with female dogs, but other male dogs or cats, not so much.


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