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9/21/20 - Lucy



Meet Lucy, she has had a rough life and the folks at the humane society want to make her golden years the best she has had. She is 12 years old and is a Terrier, Pit Bull mix. She is a very sweet dog that just wants calm attention from a person. Plus a warm dog bed would be a bonus. Her adoption fees are waived.

9/14/20 - Renee

This gorgeous gal is 6-years-old, loves butt-scratches, belly scratches -- Basically, if you're petting her, she's a happy girl! She is definitely a ham and an attention hog. But she deserves ALL of the love and attention, so it's understandable. Despite her goofball tendencies, she also has a soft side. She loves to go outside and watch the butterflies. In another life she may have been a poet!

Apply to adopt this one-of-a-kind pup on the HSSJC website:

9/7/20 - Neil

Neil is about 8-years-old and is a big, sweet teddy bear. He loves cuddling up with his favorite people and would help keep you warm and cozy on the couch as the weather gets colder. He would excel in a quiet home with minimal stairs due to arthritis. Due to his age and arthritis, we believe a home with no young children would be best (gentle older kids should be fine). 


Neil is HEARTWORM POSITIVE. We are looking for a foster-to-adopt home for him who is able to give him daily medication (that we provide) on his journey through treatment and who will be able to bring him back into the shelter on specific dates for vet care. Due to his heartworms, he will need to have limited activity and only go outside on a leash to prevent overexertion.


Those interested can apply to adopt here:



8/31/20 - Drax

Drax is about 2-years-old and is a cuddly, playful and VERY smart young man. He knows "sit", "shake" and "down", and he loves playing with toys. He may be a bit shy at first, but we promise that his love is worth the wait! Drax is the most amazing companion once he gets comfortable around someone, and was known for being an excellent cuddler in his previous home. 


Apply to Adopt on the HSSJC website:

8/24/20 - Mrs. Skittles


Mrs. Skittles is an amazingly sweet, beautiful, "CHONKY" mature feline. She was adopted out many years ago and due to illness, her owner could no longer care for her. When returned, she weighed over 18 lbs, she struggled with caring for herself and had a difficult time walking. With the help of a wonderful foster home, portion-controlled diet, exercise and lots of love, Mrs. Skittles is down to a healthier 14.5 lbs.

Mrs. Skittles loves attention, being petted and will tolerate being picked up for hugs. She will tap your legs or hands to get your attention if she doesn't think you have pet her enough. She even handles getting bathed pretty well. Mrs. Skittles has pretty bad arthritis but her daily pain meds keep her comfortable enough that she moves around and enjoys life. She takes her meds easily in pill pockets and with wet food.

She tolerates other cats but if they try to invade her personal space, she will give them a smack. Mrs. Skittles thinks boundaries are very important. She has earned the nickname, "Duchess Gummy Buns" or just "The Duchess" because of her larger than life personality.

Mrs. Skittles would like nothing more than to be in a quiet home where she can get a lot of attention and be spoiled like the Duchess she is. As part of our "Regal Residents" program, her adoption fee is waived. She is looking for a special home to spend her golden years with. Please note she is currently in foster care and an appointment is needed to meet her. Give us a call to learn more at 574-848-4225.

8/17/20 - Cinder

Cinder is an affectionate, fun-loving 6-year-old GSD. Her love for life can be seen when her entire body wiggles going on walks and hanging out with people. Cinder is very energetic, and she's a big 100lb girl, so we would love to send her home with someone who has experience with her breed. 

Cinder is HEARTWORM POSITIVE. We are currently looking for a foster-to-adopt home for her who is able to give her medication (that we provide) on her journey through treatment and who will be able to bring her back into the shelter on specific dates for vet care. Due to her heartworm, she will need to have limited activity and only go outside on a leash to prevent overexertion.

Apply to adopt on our website: 

8/10/20 - Bart & Marty

Meet Bart! Bart came to the Elkhart County Humane Society as a stray. He is a 10 month old, 48lb puppy. He is a playful happy puppy, but still needs to work on his manners, so some training will be needed. Bart would do best in a home that has no small children (under 5.) Call the Elkhart County Humane Society for more information on Bart!

Online adoption center -


Marty is a sweet, 13-year-old pup who wants to be in a home as soon as possible! This poor pup is very scared at the humane society. The most comfortable he feels is when someone is holding him. He enjoys snuggling up under blankets. Marty came in very matted and had to be shaved here at the shelter. His new owner will have to keep up with regular grooming to keep him comfortable. 

To Apply for adoption visit: 

8/3/20 - Scooter & Pilar

Scooter is a very handsome, 1-year-old boy who can't wait to find his perfect home. He's very treat motivated, so we think he will do well with training, and loves tennis balls! He's very playful and full of energy. Scooter can be a bit timid while meeting people (especially men), and becomes protective of his favorite people, so a low-traffic home with no children under 16 would be best for him. Scooter has done well meeting dogs his size at the shelter, but will need a home with no small dogs. This cutie pie will require his new home to have a fenced in yard because he loves to run and play outside! 


Some things just get better with age. Hopefully, that applies to Pilar! A six-year-old, spayed Terrier/Pitbull mix. She lost her home last month and is now patiently waiting for a new family. She will need to be an "only" dog. As a “Regal Resident” senior lady, her adoption fee will be waived with an approved application. Pilar loves toys and to play. Give HSEC a call to set up a time to meet this beautiful lady! 574-848-4225.

7/20/20 - Daisy & Kiwi

Daisy is a 4-year-old pit mix. She may be on the smaller size, but she is full of personality. Daisy is an attention hog who insists on being the center of attention. Because of this, we feel she would prefer to be in a home with no small children, so she can be the only 'baby'.

Kiwi is about 4-years-old and is a ridiculously sweet and friendly kitty! She was brought to the shelter because she wasn't getting along with the other cats in her previous home and it was making her have accidents outside of the litterbox. Since coming to the shelter and being separated from other animals, Kiwi has had PERFECT litterbox manners so we believe she'll do just fine as long as she's the only pet in her next home. This sweet, chunky girl is ready to be your new cuddle buddy!

7/13/20 - Ambrose

Photos don't do Ambrose justice, he has the most breath-taking silvery eyes! Ambrose is a neutered, 19 month old, brown and white Terrier/Pitbull mix. He is exactly what you would expect in a pup his age. He's friendly and attentive and already knows some basic commands. Gets along well with children, but would prefer a cat-free home.

Call 574-848-4225 today to schedule an appointment to meet Ambrose, he can't wait to meet you!

His adoption fee is $85 for the month of July.

7/6/20 - Ace

Ace is a 5-year-old pit mix and has been at the shelter since November and is goofy, sweet and special. He loves belly rubs, peanut butter and tackling his friends with kisses. Ace will give you all of his love once he trusts you, but since it takes time for him to warm up, he will need to go to a home with no children. He also needs plenty of room to play outside and will require a fenced-in yard.

6/15/20 - Drax


Drax is a 2-year-old pit mix who has the most playful spirit! He is full of personality and bonds with his people so well. He also enjoys playing with other dogs, but can be selective so we would require a meet and greet with any other dogs in the home. Drax plays hard, but also snuggles hard. He is everything you would want in a furry companion. 

6/8/20 - Brando

Brando is a 3-year-old, big teddy bear. Brando loves tennis balls and back scratches and has lots of love to give. Brando has moderate exercise needs and tires out quickly after some fetch. He will need a home with no other animals and no young children.

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